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    SS-X6 Cube Speaker
    Category: Speakers  Publish Time: 2022-06-18 18:01 

    SS-X6 Cube Speaker
    A universal portable Bluetooth speaker. Its uniquely smart cube design and multi colored collection offers more than just a fashion and portability, but outstanding audio performance.It has a universal Bluetooth connection that can play your tunes from any audio source, such as Tablet or a smartphone.

    Thanks to its Remote shutter, you can take pictures everywhere- in or outdoors.
    It will definitely overpass your expectations.

    ● Universal portable Bluetooth speakers

    ● Smart size only 26.8*26.8*28.5mm

    Bluetooth remote shutter 
    Bluetooth hands free phone call 
    ● Compatible for IOS, Android system
    ● Ideal for watching movies or listening to music on smartphones and tablet devices
    ● Rechargeable built-in battery 
    ● Last paired device memory
    ● Micro-USB charging port
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