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    After Sale Policy
    Source: SUNSTARDIGI   Publish Time: 2022-10-26 20:22   616 Views   Size:  16px  14px  12px

    In order to perfect our company after service articles, ensure customer's advantage. Definitude the advantage of our company and customers, we make promise for the guarantee as below and service for you when you need.

    All customers can hold ONE year guarantee since the date that you purchase the product.

    All products have been carefully manufactured, accurately adjusted, inspected thoroughly tested before shipment to assure you of the highest quality.

    Should SUNSTAR products require service, we will repair or replace atour option any part or the product itself which our examination shows to be defective in material or workmanship. Repairs will be made to the product at no charge, under the terms of the warranty, only when accompanied by a copy of your dated and itemized sales receipt. Be certain to follow all assembly/operating instruction.

    Cannot hold the free service status

    Warranty is not valid if the products have been misused or damaged in any way that is beyond our control or through normal wear and tear associated with use. The warranty only applies to the products and we are not responsible in any way for losses, damages or any inconvenience caused by equipment failure.

    Shipping Freight

    Should after sale service be required, the products should be carefully packed.

    Regarding the RMA freight cost half and half-when customers send back the products to SUNSTAR, please pay the freight from your side in advance, after SUNSTAR repair, we will pre-pay the freight cost when ship back.

    Within Warranty Service Requirements

    Upon return RMA within the warranty term, please provide the following information:

    Sales receipt

    Warranty card

    Descriptions of problem

    Name and address

    Telephone number


    Where to send

    Please contact the sales window before shipping ;the products back.

    How long to we can get the repaired products

    Product will be inspected to determine whether the product is classified as under warranty.

    If determined that the product is under warranty, the products will automatically be serviced to factory and returned without any intervention on your part, please allow us 10 to 20 working days to repair, will ship back to you soon.

    If the product is out of the warranty time,damaged, does not include the required documentation, or the documentation is incomplete or incorrect, it will be classified as out of warranty.

    If your return is ;deemed to be out of warranty, customer order number and estimate will be provided to you for repairing.
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